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“Men on target to honor Jesus, love our families and serve our church and community”

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Ongoing or Planned Charity Work

1. Food Drive for Needy: As food banks are scrambling to collect more food to meet the increased demand, as a Christian Community Men’s Fellowship has stepped in with our "Food Basket Drive". For that purpose, a food basket has been placed at the entrance of the sanctuary for the food collection. Non-perishable food products including rice are to be brought and kept in the box. The collected food will be dropped off at Mississauga Salvation Army or Knight’s Table whenever the basked is full.

2. Blood Donation: A minimum of 30 units to be pledged in order for one of their volunteer to come to our church and collect blood from there, as well as to retain our status of " Partners for Life" with Canadian Blood Society. Alternately, those who wishes to donate are advised to go to West Clinic Camp at Brampton or East Clinic Camp at Scarborough.

3. Volunteering with Salvation Army: Mississauga Salvation Army is looking for volunteers for sorting food during Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and in January for storage. They also need a volunteer for the Toy Program and Kettle Fund raisers during Christmas.

4. Volunteering at the Knight’s Table in Brampton: We are already booked to volunteer at Knights Table for 3 days. This will be continued through out the year.

5. Supporting a child in India at Parakal Mission or through India Vision is to be continued.

Cherian Varghese
Men’s Fellowship Director

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