Historical Background

The Historical Background of CSI Christ Church Toronto dates back to the year 1986. On May 11, 1986, several families of CSI tradition gathered together for a CSI service conducted by Rev. Thomas Ninan at the Wycliffe College Chapel in Toronto and decided to start a CSI Church. On this day, God Almighty laid the foundation for a blessed congregation with ten dedicated families and an executive committee was formed to plan and execute the operation of church activities. By September 1986, the constitution adopted by the general body was accepted by Revenue Canada to register the Church as a non-profit Charitable Organization.

Rev. Thomas Ninan returned to Moore College shortly after the inception of the Church. With no regular Priests for pastoral care, the Church approached Malayalam speaking priests in USA. Communion services were celebrated once a month by visiting priests from USA, using CSI liturgy. Mr. George John,  then the Vice President, expressed interest in becoming a priest and was ordained as a CSI Priest in 1986. Rev. George John served as the Church Vicar from 1987-1989. Visiting Priests from USA & Canada conducted Holy Communion Services from 1990-1991.  Rev. Shajan Idiculla, who was on a student visa at the Trinity College served as Vicar from 1991-1993. Rev. Idiculla returned to MKD in 1993, while the planning to host the North American CSI Family and Youth Conference was underway, and Rt. Rev. Michael John, retired Bishop of the East Kerala Diocese, gladly offered to come to Toronto to provide spiritual leadership for the Conference in July 1993. Bishop Michael John continued as the Vicar and was the longest serving vicar of the CSI Church from 1993-2000. Under the leadership of Bishop John, the congregation grew substantially, making it one of leading parishes in North America. Bishop Michael John was instrumental in getting St. David’s Anglican Church on a rental basis for Sunday worship services for the growing CSI Church family.

Rev. A.C. Cheriyan from CSI North Kerala Diocese served the Parish as vicar from 2000-2005.

In 2005, for the first time since its inception in 1986, the Church began receiving pastoral services from the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese. The following priests from MKD served the Church:

 - Rev. T. J. John: 2005-2008

 - Rev. Raju Jacob: 2008-2011

 - Rev. Shaji M. Johnson: 2011-

By the year 2010, the congregation grew to over one hundred families that envisioned the continued growth of the only CSI Church in North America that stayed together, worshiped and prayed together for twenty five memorable years without any problems, and started planning for a Jubilee Celebration in 2011. New developments in 2010 resulted in some members of the Church favoring to integrate the CSI Parish into the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. In late 2010, the Madhya Kerala Diocese and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto signed a letter of understanding with the intention to change the affiliation from MKD to Anglican Diocese and integrate the CSI Church Toronto into the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. Consequently, the congregation was asked to move to a vacant Anglican Church. The majority of members were not in favor of merging with the Anglican Diocese and preferred to retain their CSI identity just like several other CSI Parishes across North America. However, on September 25, 2011, at an information meeting the decision to remain as a Parish under the Anglican Diocese was conveyed to the congregation. Many members objected to this move and decided to start a new church.

By the grace of God, along with the prayers and support of over fifty five (55) families, the CSI CHRIST CHURCH, Toronto was formed. The first worship service was held on October 2, 2011 at 4150 Chesswood Drive, Toronto. The very next week, Almighty God provided the new church with a priest - Rev. Dr. Jacob David to conduct the first Holy Communion service.

By November 2011, by the abundant grace of God, the CSI Christ Church developed its own constitution, received non-profit organization status, and best of all, became affiliated to the CSI East Kerala Diocese, under the spiritual leadership of Rt. Rev. Dr. K.G. Daniel, Bishop of East Kerala Diocese. The Congregation is thankful to God for His constant presence with us in every step of the way while organizing the Church and for guiding us in all our endeavors for the ongoing growth of our church. The Church is indebted to Bishop Daniel, Bishop Michael John and Rev. Jacob David for all the guidance and support we received for establishing a church and for encouraging us to trust in the mighty power of God Almighty.  

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